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17 – 85mm

Bhav – Not so air Guitar

I loved playing with the blacks on this  picture I just increased them in this image until there was no visible background left.

It almost feels like it was shot in a studio but only the natural lighting was used.

17mm/ Iso 320/ 1/60 / f 4.0  .


Stage Perspective

I got a pretty good angle on the stage with this shot I was told by the security that i wasn’t allowed to take pictures but sometimes you need to break the rules and i was glad i did, I got the shot.

It give s good view of the stage and an excellent depth of field view crowd, artists, lights and screen.

17mm / f4.0/ Iso 1600/ 1/50

I had to have the steadiest hand ever to take the shot as my ISO was pushed to the limit but it was worth it

Ms Stanley – Party Light Bounce

Did some promo pictures for the party hard clothing range, i        liked this shot, I used a bounce flash and was able to get a really     good lighting from the picture.

Hyde Park – Twilight

Serpentine Lake at dusk i caught this just after the golden hour

It was an overcast day and i had little time to get a truly unique      shot of the lake. I’m pretty sure the lake has been shot to death.

I tried to spice it up by putting the light white balance to     tungsten

Paolo Nutuni – Live on stage

Paolo Nutuni

High five at the roundhouse

I took this picture at the roundhouse during the 2009 Itunes Festival i was in the pit and had to think fast !!

I was pretty lucky with this shot the conditions were perfect and i really think i got a cracking shot