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Rhian Benson L’oreal Photoshoot

The Lovely Rhian Benson was getting her hair done at the L’oreal headquarters and I went along to snap up the behind the scenes photos

Here is a particularly nice image.


White wall and flash gun !!

No Box or strobes


I got my hair did



Not always B&W in fact its more grey

Beautiful Girl + B&W + Naked = Art

Whenever you take picures of a model you need to aware of her dimensons and how they best suit the camera.

It also needs to be 45mins per shoot.

1/80  1.8  200Iso ,  50mm Lens , Ettl Flash Bounce

Fashion in the Dark

This was a pretty difficult day or evening of shooting as the lighting guy was crazy. I had this on a particularly high iso level and a reasonably high shutter speed.

Party Hard – Gradient

Another from the party hard promo pictures, I used a very    simple gradient to give some drama to the picture then added a    light source.

Ms Stanley – Party Light Bounce

Did some promo pictures for the party hard clothing range, i        liked this shot, I used a bounce flash and was able to get a really     good lighting from the picture.